Frozen Bites

There are a total of eight bites per cube (two trays, with four bites in each tray)

With your hands! Our 100% plant-based skin allows you to hold the frozen bites like you would a really cold piece of fruit.

Wait 1-2 minutes, un-peel thee plastic seal, pop the bites out of their tray from the bottom dimples, and enjoy!

YES! Just like other frozen novelties, they'll melt if left out for more than 10 or so minutes. Once the box arrives at your house, open it immediately, follow our Dry Ice Handling Instructions (below) to remove the dry ice, and store the cubes in the freezer

Yup, we use only ingredients from nature, and are certified Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, and non-GMO. Some of our ingredients are organic, like Organic Cane Sugar.

Alginates are vegetable-based fibers, which are part of the outer skin of our bites; these give our products their structure and let you hold them in your hand to enjoy, and are also a good nutritional source of fiber. Gums are typical ingredients used in ice cream

Our frozen bites have a shelf life of 18 months.

Fruit Bites

There are 35 bite-sized bites in each bag (5 pouches, with seven bites per pouch)

Yes, that’s what they’re meant for! Our fruit bites will last for a full day out of the refrigerator, and will even be good to eat a few days after – like real fruit, you may see some wetness accumulate on the inside of the pouch and the skin of the bites if you leave them out for multiple days, but they are still perfectly safe to eat!

Yes, all of our products are certified allergen free, and safe to bring to school. 

Yes, although it’s not as urgent as our frozen bites (no risk of melting), you should put them in the refrigerator right away to ensure optimal taste and freshness, and keep them refrigerated for long periods of time.

Our fruit bites have a 70-day shelf life (way more than regular cut fruit!)

Ordering FAQ

Orders are delivered through the mail via our partners, be it FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Once packaged, you'll get an email confirmation with your tracking information. We expect all orders to be shipped within two days of being packaged.

In case you use your business shipping address or you’re off on a weekend adventure away from home, we strive to have all orders arrive on weekdays. If you placed your order at the end of the week, expect your package to arrive the middle of next week!

Nope! The courier will leave your package at your doorstep unless your delivery preferences state otherwise. We’ve put a little extra dry ice/ice packs in there to help the product stay cool as it gets delivered. But, be sure to open and store properly once you do arrive home.

We ship our frozen bites with dry ice to keep them frozen during transit. The dry ice will be packed in plastic bags that are safe for you to handle; just dispose of the dry ice as we describe below in the Dry Ice Handling Instructions. The cubed bites and dry ice will be in a thermal liner inside the corrugated box to keep everything insulated and at the right temperature. Fruit bite packages include insulated liners and ice packs, also safe for you to handle. All packages you receive come with a short note from us on how to care for your product after transit, as well.

Not to worry! Your order will come in separate boxes, each of which is expected to be delivered within two days of being packaged. Our frozen bites get shipped from a third party team that ensures your products will arrive as fresh as possible. Our fruit bites get shipped directly from us.

Dry Ice Handling Instructions

Dry ice keeps your food frozen while it travels.


Please do not touch the dry ice directly with your bare hands. Prolonged contact with skin can cause injury. 


When disposing of the product, please place the dry ice somewhere well-ventilated where the ice can evaporate safely. We recommend using a glove when handling the dry ice in the bag that it will arrive in along with your frozen bites. Keep away from children and pets!


If you don't have any dry ice left in your box, it has dissipated in transit and you can disregard these instructions.